Obsidian Not Responding on MacOs (Spinning BeachBall)

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What I’m trying to do

Obsidian on my MacOS MacBook Pro (16" with tons of memory) started to exhibit “not responding” (spinning beachball behavior), almost all the time. Whenever, I try to switch to a new note or scroll this happens. I have NO community plugins installed. I also turned off syncing and created a vault that is local to my machine and see the same behavior. I have reinstalled Obsidian to no avail. Perhaps I am not cleaning up Obsidian completely and there are some config files that need to be deleted.

If anyone can help me solve this it would be greatly appreciated as I cannot use Obsidian at all now.

Things I have tried

I would try moving the .obsidian settings folder out of your vault temporarily to see if that helps at all. I suspect not, but it’s worth a try.

If you are the admin of the mac, I’d try with a different user/test account to see if you can launch Obsidian there. Then you’ll know if the issue is isolated to your main account or system wide.

If it seems fine in the test account, back in your main account: with Obsidian closed, try moving the /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/obsidian folder out of Application Support then opening Obsidian.

Thanks. I have tried with a clean local vault. I have also completely deleted the …Application Support/obsidian folder. I completely removed obsidian and when I reinstall and open up a clean new vault I still get the spinning beach ball. Are there other config files left behind I need to clean. I can try on another account, but this is problematic as I need to use it on this account. Right now for me Obsidian is completely unusable.

Where does that clean new vault come from? Are you making it manually, or by copying some existing folder?

Or does Obsidian open up fine, until you “Create New Vault” in the app?

Right, the point of this would be to test, to isolate potential hardware or user account issues, and possibly to grab the clean settings folder. Not to permanently use Obsidian from the alt account.

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