Obsidian needs to prompt if a new version is available for download

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Use case or problem

Users use Obsidian for a longer time and don’t get updates as they don’t know of the update process to open up settings-About and re-launch Obsidian. Thus they miss features like auto-backups and similar critical ones. Or possible security fixes.

Proposed solution

Prompt when Obsidian is launched that a new version is available and a button to do an update (or cancel). This needs to only happen once per update version.

See above.


Could you elaborate what you mean by launching Obsidian? When you relaunch Obsidian and have Automatic updates turned on, the app should update without you having to do anything.

If I understand correctly, you would like a popup screen to show up when a new version of Obsidian is available with the option to update or cancel. Please correct me if I have misunderstood.

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Good question.

When I did my plus one for this request, I was kind of thinking it would be cool if it was a separate check that only ever sent a yes or no from obsidian website in terms of whether there is an update available. This way you could keep automatic updates off and know only one bit of data would be received at each launch through this routine consistent connection channel. Of course, I would support many other variations of this good idea.


There is an announcements category here in the forum tho :thinking:

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Yes, I’ve seen customer issues where they have not updated their Obsidian for a long time, it’s not clear Automatic updates is on, and if so we might debate if this should be an opt-in or opt out. But a dialog showing that a new version is still better as then it’s the choice of the end user to upgrade or not.