Obsidian Mobile very battery hungry


[x] iOS
Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.1 (67)

Obsidian Mobile is very battery hungry, even more so than browsers like Safari and Firefox. It always rates as the most battery hungry app in Settings > Battery.
Besides turning all plug-ins off (defeating main purpose of app), what are some strategies to minimise consumption?

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Turn off some plugins? Use it less? Have a smaller vault?

I haven’t noticed Obsidian using unusual amounts of energy. I was surprised to find, as you say, that Obsidian is above Safari in the listing. But when I looked in detail, that seems to be because I’ve been using Obsidian more than Safari. In any hour where I used both apps, Safari is above Obsidian — but Obsidian appears in more hours.

Yes I used it for half an hour and lost almost 10% of the battery

I use 40+ plugins on desktop but was able to pare it down to five or six on mobile. I still use some big ones on mobile, like Dataview, but removing all the “non mission critical” plugins on mobile helped my battery a lot.

Also, don’t forget about the core plugins: in my experience they aren’t as battery hungry as many of the community plugins, but they still make a difference, and many aren’t needed on mobile.

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