Obsidian mobile toolbar not updating/reflecting my settings

What I’m trying to do

I am using Obsidian on mobile (Android), and I’m trying to customize the toolbar, so that I have quick access to undo/redo. But even though I tried to edit it in the settings, it still shows the default 4 buttons. First screenshot shows my settings for the toolbar. Second screeshot shows what my toolbar looks like when I type.

Things I have tried

I restarted my phone, reinstalled Obsidian, and searched forums for a potential solution, searching for anything on “mobile toolbar”. One of the solutions mentioned that the toolbar opens only in Live Preview or Source Mode, so I switched to Source Mode for testing purposes, to no avail.

Apologies if there is something on this already, I couldn’t find anything. Thank you!

Now that is strange. They don’t even look like vanilla Obsidian icons. How does it look using the default theme, turning restricted mode on, and restarting?

More troubleshooting tips are here.

That helped! I was trying out plug-ins earlier and forgot to disable one that was messing with the toolbar. Thank you!

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