Obsidian mobile: open favorite file?

I am looking for a way to quickly open/switch to a to-do list file in Obsidian Mobile, which I regularly access. Is there a way to do this with the Quick Action (swiping down from top) or with another method?

You can add the core plugins for starred files and star the to-do list file. Not sure if that’s super easy to access.

You do have quick access to the Quick Switcher. If that core plugin is enabled, the Quick Switcher is pokable in the left sidebar. You can also configure the quick switcher to appear when you swipe down from the top.

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You can use the Obsidian URL scheme to create a shortcut on your phone home screen for this. The URL will be something like:


See the note bookmark shortcut here, if you’re on iOS:


It would be nice to quickly access the to-do list within Obsidian as well, but this is a good start. Thanks!

Looks like this plugin could solve the inside-Obsidian workflow you’re looking for:

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