Obsidian mobile app crashing (android and ios) with file of large number of internal (header) links

When opening attached file in obsidian desktop, it works as expected. However, when placed in the mobile app, strange things occur.
For android, the app will attempt to start indexing the obsidian directory, then crash. Upon restarting the app, the app will once again start to index, and then crash. It is possible to resolve the crashing either via deleting the problematic file, or exiting the vault in the short time frame you have after launching the app

For iOS, the app won’t crash when browsing the other markdown files, but will crash when opening the offending file.

Interestingly, when renaming the file name to something shorter (“GPT9”, for instance), this stops the crashing. However, when I proceeded to edit the file (GPT9) on the desktop app and have obsidian sync sync the changes across my devices, 1) the mobile apps continuously crashed while it was syncing changes, and 2) the interface on the desktop app behaved strangely, I was not able to delete large chunks of text by selecting and hitting backspace, and when hitting backspace to delete several characters one by one, It would for instance delete only 3 characters after I had initially deleted 10 characters (the 7 characters will pop back into existence once i navigated my cursor away). I am using the live preview when doing this.

Steps to reproduce

Put the attached markdown file into an obsidian vault on any mobile app.
The markdown file has a lot of internal links (links to headers in itself), 1968 of them to be exact

Expected result

obsidian mobile app doesn’t crash

Actual result

obsidian mobile app crashes.


Crashes on android and ios (ipad)

Additional information

Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms 9th Edition.md (1011.7 KB)

For now i’ve just stripped away the internal links to get the mobile apps to work. It’s not a dealbreaker or anything, but it sucks that this is something that works perfectly on the desktop app but crashes the mobile app.