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Good catch for this typo!

The tags plugin can be disabled: Setting up tags - Material for MkDocs

For the share: true / share: false, you can make a FR. For the moment, there is an option to share all note without the key, but using an excluding pattern with their name, ie, excluding all note starting with _DRAFT for example.

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Is it possible in Material for MkDocs to open index page without Home button in menu? I’d like to have link to index (Home) on logo image and site name.

Normally, the logo would be directly a link to the home
But you could write some JS to make the name a link

I have a note with a large number of png screenshots. I change text, but every time I update note (only text) all images are sent to github. Plugin doesn’t send images only if I change other notes.

Is it possible to automatically check images and send only new images or images that have been changed?

I would like, but to be honest I don’t know how to do that.
Maybe checking the filepath of image?

I add this in my todo list.

Could you open a FR in the plugin issue?

The problem is I need to check the repository before making the push, so it adds a little time before send the file.


I don’t know js. Maybe check last modified property. Filepath is good and we must check it first, but we can compress file with pngquant, so the path is the same, but file is modified.
1 - get list of included images
2 - check filepat. Upload image if there is new filepath.
3 - check last modified property. Upload if changed. But you can make an option. A persion would have an ability to update everythoing. If he had modified files (compress, watermark) he can check"Refresh all published noites" to upload everything instead of Refresh published and upload new notes which must update little changes.

if (Date.parse(document.lastModified) != 0)
    document.write('<p><hr><small><i>Last modified: '
                   + document.lastModified
                   + '</i></small>');

I use another methods because I need to check the repository. It’s not good to check last modified for documents when uploading a note…

So the last version check if the file exists and publish the attachment if not.

The problem to use, for example, content comparaison is that the image is in Base64. If you edit your image via a GitHub Actions (as in my case) it will change the base64… And it’s same for the date.

Okay, so I added more tweaks around image :

  • I must check the repository contents, so I get the commits history of the attachments. I check the lasted commits date
  • I check the date of the attachments
  • If the date of edit is newer or if there is no commit history ⇒ push the new attachments version.

I also added the possibility to force push an attachment based on its extension.


Hello! May I ask for some help? I am new to GitHub and a bit confused by documentation.

This plugin sends my notes to the repo just fine, but the site does not deploy. I suppose I did something wrong or skipped some steps, but can not figure what it is and how to fix it.

I suppose it has something to do with setting up the GitHub Action. I am trying to deploy to GitHub Pages. When I chose the GitHub Action as a source of deployment, GitHub asks me, which action I want to use, but documentation doesn’t mention anything about it, and if I choose none, site does not get created. What I am supposed to do?

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Hello. Could you open a discussion on the repository, with screenshot, so I can help you more?

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