Obsidian Mind Map Plugin has been great but the new Obsidian Canvas Core plugin will kill all Mind Mapping apps

I have the same issue.

Zoom the obsidian interface using Ctrl plus and Ctrl minus.

But yea, that is kind of annoying. You can also try temporarily changing your display resolution if it is worth the trouble. Not sure that helps. But at least you know it isn’t just you. Still an awesome plugin!


I tried zooming in and out but there was no change in the display. I saw that there is also a way to change the text height of the mind map in plugin settings but after messing around with that, I didn’t see any difference either.

I’m going to submit a bug report to the Github and see if I get a response

Just to be clear, anyone with issues using this plugin should post them on the GitHub page—the developer (@J_L) is not super active on the forum.

And yes, it’s a fabulous integration. It uses Markmap—a great example of how Obsidian’s ability to tap into other JavaScript-based resources is super powerful!


I am using it right now. Is simply unbelievably good.

hello, are you learning computer networking?

Hi, there, new to the forum, and new to Obsidian too. So please bear with me…

Can someone confirm wether it is possible to export out the mindmap?
To clarify:
I’m using iThoughs mindmapping on both win and macos, and this app can export to md format. There are some settings to control what characters are used and how many characters to indent etc.

As I’m using mindmapping an awfull lot, it would really be great to be able to go back and forth between Obsidian and iThoughts (or any other compatible mindmap application for that matter).

Thanks for replying and helping out!

You should try the obsidian-enhancing-mindmap-plugin instead as it is enhancing because it is editable

edit node
drag node to another node
toggle between mindmap and markdown views
synchronize data between boards ...

AND then with the .md Markdown import into e.g. Mindomo


or your own


as compared to Obsidian’s Obsidian Mind Map plugin …

“for viewing Markdown notes as Mind Maps using Markmap”:

Allows you to pin the Mind Map preview pane to the current note so that you can select other notes with the current Mind Map remaining in place. A pin icon will appear in the header of the Mind Map preview pane. Click the pin icon to unpin.

Copy screenshot
Places a copy of the Mind Map SVG on your clipboard allowing you to paste it into a note in Obsidian or into an image editor of your choice.


A little complex but you can also convert between markdown .md <-> freemind .mm by using this R program:

You can use …

to run it.

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Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. Will learn and test!

I just installed the plugin on my iPhone and everything looks great, but after selecting “copy screenshot” I’m not able to paste anywhere (tried a new note in Obsidian and a few other apps with no result). Does it work on mobile for others? Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the direction of the mind map? The default display is left-to-right but I was wondering if it could be changed to Top-to-Bottom. I know mermaid has these options, but I would very much prefer to keep working with this plugin.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I think with Obsidian MarkMind, it is possible to change the layout to be something this.
MarkMindCkm/obsidian-markmind: A mind map, outline and pdf annotate tool for obsidian,It support mobile and desktop

Great! Thanks a lot for the help :smile:

Hi. For 10 years I downloaded and tested all Mindmapping software like Mindnote, SimpleMind Pro, Xmind and all the others. But the software always did get in the way of my thinking. Today with the launch of the Canvas Core plugin that all changed. You can uses boxes, your notes or your graphics and link them on an unlimited canvas. I have a 4K 55 inch screen and this is awesome with the Canvas plugin. You can use all the tools of Obsidian as these boxes are notes, You can do much more as only Mindmaps because you can create Visual Dashboards of Notes. This is AWESOME and the best new feature of 2022.
Obsidian 1.1 (insider)


I love it!

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This plugin single-handedly beats scrintal, heptabase and orgpad. And I can’t believe soon everyone could have it without paying anything.

Now I regretted purchasing the subscriptions…

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And you can do funny things such as embedding a canvas in a note, (probably at some point) embedding a canvas onto another canvas (f.ex. as part of a mindmap) or have a home node canvas dashboard consisting of other moc-canvases, or COC’s, canvases of content :exploding_head:
Edit: You can already visualize a note as a mindmap with James Lynch’s mindmap plugin or the markmind plugin. One could hence visualize several notes as mindmaps in one canvas.
Sorry, just spinning some craziness in my head :crazy_face:


Thanx for the tips. Here are some of mine. A super cool tip is that you can mega fast create “CARDS” by double clicking on the Canvas. A powerful thing to do is to make a Start Dashboard in Canvas with all your Dashboards (based on Dataview queries). You can also drag notes from a Dataview query direct on the Canvas.

I am still wondering how to integrate markmind mindmaps onto the canvas.
Meaning, visualizing a note as a mindmap and embedding that into canvas.

Might not be doable yet, but if it isn’t, the devs are planning API integrations that should let plugin makers enable this sort of thing!

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IMO a simpler solution to this with much more interoperability would be hotkeys within canvas to create new main nodes, sibling nodes and child nodes.

Plus using ⇧ modifier as drag-to-connect.

That is the main advantage that something like Mindnode has over any whiteboarding/canvas tool - it’s so frictionless to build out a map, where you can both freeflow think and maintain a hierarchical structure.

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