Obsidian.md official website - anchors

Use case or problem

Discussing Obsidian with someone, I wanted to link to a specific section of the landing page of the official website. As none of the title have anchors, this is not possible.

Proposed solution

Add an ID attributes to the 5 h1.feature-title.

Current workaround (optional)

Chromium based browser users can use Text Fragment / Text Highlight links like this one: obsidian.md/#:~:text=Extensively%20extensible,your%20disposal. Sadly, it won’t work for Firefox, Safari and other browsers users.


Coincidentally I was thinking of the same thing yesterday in a conversation with someone about notetaking software losing support over time. I wanted to link them directly to the “Notes for your grandchildren” section of the homepage, but instead had to tell them “scroll down to the section that says ‘notes for your grandchildren’”.

This would be helpful for introducing people to specific features or benefits of Obsidian, similar to all the feature-/use case-specific links at the bottom of Notion’s homepage.

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