Obsidian MD Fiction Writer Tutors?

Hello Obsidians!!!

Forgive a very noob question.

Are there people who Obsidian Tutor out there? I’m a fiction/screenwriter and have multiple projects happening, and it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of it all. I think Obsidian can help, but with a job, 3 kids, and the rest, I’d love to be able to tap into someone else’s expertise for an hour or two, and give myself a head start.

I understand @EleanorKonik is a big shot in this area, so I’m tagging her here… please forgive if this is a faux pas. Also @Xnyxzyxk since they wrote a great post in the past as well.

Thanks so much for having an amazing tool… I’m just trying to learn how to use it!



Things I have tried

Watching some basic videos, but nothing is clicking… I see there is a lot of power under the hood, but I feel like I need a drivers ed course!

What I’m trying to do

Write 300+ pages of fiction, and keep the characters/timeline/places al organized, as well as try to keep research close at hand.

Or is this something that @santi 's amazing course would cover?


I’m not in a position to help but check out PD Workman’s posts in Discord, she’s a pro author with a lot of fantastic writeups about her workflows.


Check this one out


Writing a novel in Markdown - pdworkman.com


Sweet!! Thanks so much!!!

Thanks so much!! Will TOTALLY check it!!

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