Obsidian/Markdown compatible wiki?

Not sure this belongs in Help as it’s not issue with Obsidian, it’s more of a “help me find a solution” type question.

I want, or at least I think I want, a wiki that will render Obsidian’s markdown files as HTML.

The objective is a local KB editor (Obsidian) and a wiki that can make the KB “public”. Public is quoted because I have two use cases, one is my generic professional notes that I’d like to have online and the second is company documentation that I’d like visible to others but only internally.

Is there a good solution for me?

I currently have mediawiki running on hosted server for the personal stuff and that works but it’s a pain to edit which results in me making fewer notes than I should. I also don’t see others learning mediawiki syntax for internal use but markdown is simpler, especially if people can use control-i for italics, etc.


Obsidian’s Publish service is designed for exactly this purpose. It’s the best solution for Obsidian notes as Publish can handle all Obsidian-specific syntax, while other services might not be able to understand e.g., aliases or block-links.

There are some examples there if you scroll down.

Blot, a blogging service, also recently announced support for Wikilinks and YAML, so it should be fairly compatible with Obsidian.

Yeah, I was vaguely aware of Publish. For personal I was hoping for something I could throw on the existing web host.

For the internal company stuff I don’t see that working as the info should stay internal.


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