Obsidian -> Logseq Indentation Mismatches


  • I’ve synced both Logseq and Obsidian to the same directory and am working on transferring notes

  • Indentations and headings in Obsidian can be folded, however, those same indentations in Logseq show up a bit differently

  • When I change the indent in Logseq, Obsidian apparently gets upset lol (see images below)

  • All I’m trying to do is have the indentations work the same across applications

Obsidian Settings

  • Fold headings and indents is on
  • Outliner plugin is being used


In Logseq:

In Obsidian:

That is not the same note. At least once you open it in Logseq a bullet will be added to the “Readings: Overview” line.

If you add a bullet before the “Readings: Overview” line in Obsidian (you can use the same heading style) it should show correctly.

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