Obsidian link breaks

When I copy an Obisidan URL and move the note from one folder to another, the link breaks.

I’m copying Obsidian URL frequently and paste the direct link to the note in Todoist. When I press the link I will get to my note immediately.

But if I move my note to another folder the link breaks. I don’t know if it’s designed this way or if it’s a bug.

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Seems a caveat to watch out for. Obsidian can update the [[wikilink]] type of links as long as you move the files around within Obsidian and have the setting “Automatically update internal links” enabled.

I don’t think it can update obsidian://… type links internally, and surely not links that are stored somewhere else (outside Obsidian). How would it go and do that? :wink:

Ah. Thats right, i thought it could be done like Evernote does it. Just remebered that Evernote is a cloud service. Thank for the answer Moonbase59

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