Obsidian Leaflet on iOS

Looking for some assistance. I am using Obsidian on my iPad for D&D notes. I added Leaflet for city maps and love it. But when messing around at the start I drew these lines and they won’t delete. I select the trashcan from the draw menu and select the line but nothing happens. I can delete shapes just fine, but not lines. I tried uninstalling the plugin and that didn’t correct it. Any ideas?

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It’s been a while since I used that tool (or possibly a similar one), but doesn’t it store all information in the markdown? That is, if you switch to markdown won’t you then see the definitions of the lines and can manually remove them there?

This is the code. I don’t see anything there noting the lines.

It might be that the lines are stored in a json file somewhere. What happens if you change the id from “Secomber” to something else?

This could cause the leaflet to create a new setting for that “new” id. If that works, we could either just go with that internal is, or possibly try to track down where it is stored.

That worked! I changed the id to test and those lines disappeared. I am glad that solution worked. But to satisfy my own curiosity, any idea where the json file might be on an iPad?

Not really, but I suspect it is under the plugin folder, so if it’s on the same page there as on other platforms you might find it under vault/.obsidian/plugins/leaflet/???. Where vault is the base folder of your vault, and leaflet is the internal name of the plugin.

Hopefully some of the iPad guys can come in and help with which tools to use to address/fond/edit these files.

I just searched json and was able to find it. But haven’t yet figured out a way to edit that file type.

Appreciate all of your help and insight!

json file can be edited with any pure text editor. Not sure which is your better option on iOS, but since we’re talking about a one time edit here (most likely), you could consider moving it into your vault, changing the file extension to .md, change the old “Secomber” to something strange (and forget about it), change your new “test” back to “Secomber”, and then rename it back to a “.json” file, and move it back to its original folder. It’s a hack, but it should work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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