Obsidian keeps starting up in split screen

Every time I start up Obsidian, it’s in split screen mode (top/bottom). It’s inconvenient because whenever I close it, it closes the entire tab. I’ve looked around settings but haven’t come across anything that turns it off. Anyone else having the same issue and/or know what’s causing it?

Can you share a screenshot?

The unwanted screen is boxed in blue

I saw mentioned a few times that the Creases(?) community plugin was causing something like that.

I’d try the debugging steps to see if it’s a plugin or theme causing it. :flashlight:


Yup, it was the Creases plugin! I’ll post the solution here once I find it

Haven’t found a solution, but someone opened an issue about this on Github

Deactivate the obsidian plugin “outline” and the problem is gone.

(Quiet outline plugin is a good replacement)

Is someone able to fix the problem in creases plugin? Even a manual hack would be appreciated.

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