Obsidian is not sending me forgot your PW email

Things I have tried

I checked my spam folder, I’ve searched for all mail obsidian related. Nothing. Through my phone I added another email to my account that is with a different service. Same result. Nothing, again not even in spam folder or deleted.

What I’m trying to do

Change my account pw.

Luckily, I’m logged in on my phone. But when I try to login to the site on my desktop browser it says invalid pw. After a few attempts I tried resetting my pw. But the email never comes.

Just to make sure, are you talking about your account on this forum, or your app account on the Obsidian website?

Can you also say more about this? When you say “add”, do you mean you changed your email? Otherwise, if you actually “added” a 2nd email, then I guess you must be talking about the forum?

The forum and your Obsidian account have separate accounts, separate passwords.

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I didn’t know there was two different things. I mean on the forum. Wait. Do i mean on the forum… Lol. I see whats happening heeeere…
I was trying to sign up for obsidian sync with forum login. I guess i don’t have an obsidian user acct setup yet

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