Obsidian iOS: Enable Vaults inside Folders


With growing number of vaults (research projects, journals, mood boards etc) it has become essential that grouping of these vaults so that the focus can be maintained in a specific area at a given time.

In the current method, all the vaults are in a single folder (randomly sorted - so naming prefixes for the vaults don’t help either) and when you need to open one, you need to scan through to find the intended vault if it is not already opened. If it is already opened, to switch to that in the menu, takes time as well.


My proposal is that iOS Obsidian support Folders or “Spaces” mapped to Folders. It is essential that the interoperability between iOS Files app and the Obsidian is remained, so that backing up and effective maintenance is catered for.

So the ideal way in my view would be to allow the “Vault” opening at any level (Just like in macOS Obsidian). You can open a sub folder as a Vault, or the root vault folder as the Vault. This will help someone manage their content as they please. Also would be a quick solution to the problem too.

Work arounds

None found at present. So the struggle goes on…