Obsidian integration with photo library (...or to just simply tag files)

So far Obsidian is mostly text-based even though new things keep getting added. (embedding, pdf’s, etc.)
Not sure how yet, but I can imagine using Obsidian also as a wiki my picture library. Now it’s possible to add files, but not yet to tag the files themselves.
As an artist I take many pictures for documentation and inspiration, but my library is so cluttered now, I tend to forget many pictures.

Prob other people have better ideas how to integrate our photo library into Obsidian…?



You might want to look into Tropy. Depending on what you want to accomplish, maybe this feature request could be relevant.

I didn’t know that one yet, thanks!
But I don’t think Obsidian is that for off from doing something like that.
Would be amazing to keep using one app for multiple things.

If only Obsidian made it possible to add and edit more info to a file, than Tropy isn’t even necessary anymore.