Obsidian installation

I have downloaded the last version of Obsidian for Windows 7 64 bits.
I am not being able to install the software due to a Kernell32.dll problem.
I have seen that one can solve this problem by using version 1.1.16 of Obsidian.
Please, how can I download the 1.1.16 version of Obsidian?
Thank you.

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Post v1.1.16 Obsidian does not support Windows 7 & 8 anymore.
You can find all releases here:


Do I need Windows 10 for running the last Obsidian version?
Thank you.

No. Olondre is saying anything after version 1.1.16 won’t work with Windows 7/8.1. You will need to download that version from the link they posted.

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Thank you very much ariehen!
I will do that!

Where I can find pages githab referes to? Where can I actually download this version?

See my post two above yours. :arrow_double_up:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hi! Hello?

The links above look alright. :thinking:

Perhaps you could mention what link you are talking about, or what problem you are having.

I have the same problem.
Which one of the different files below should I download with windows8 64bit?



Thank you it worked!

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