Obsidian industry news - use case - welcome feedback or idea!

Hello, I’m new here. but I have a use case that I’m using Obsidian for and am wondering if there is a better way to manage. I’m using obsidian to track a niche industry news. I currently have notes for each company that I’m tracking. When I see interesting news article about a specific company, I copy and paste the headline and url for the article.

For example:

  • [[Company A]] acquired [[Company B]]
  • [[Company A]] launched a product with [[Technology X]]

My goal is to create and see the network effect of the industry.

The challenge I’m having is it’s time consuming and requires a lot of copy/paste. Also, I have to go to the note for specific company and paste the headline and url.

Hopefully, my explanation makes sense! I welcome any idea to speed the process of feeding this info into my Obsidian vault. Thanks in advance!