Obsidian indexing on every restart

Each time I restart the computer and open Obsidian it opens to the help vault and the main vault I used last isn’t listed in the options. This vault is on an external drive, but it doesn’t seem to matter which drive I put the main vault on, still doesn’t show up in options. I’ve just started opening the main vault via URI as a workaround. Could that have something to do with indexing though?

This main vault re-indexes after any restart. 27,000 notes, mostly small and mostly text.

I’ve already tried turning off core, community plugins and putting it in safe mode and that makes no difference. Put it on different drives and the same thing. Thanks for any insight here.

I keep my vault in Box and I have this same issue (I’m on MacOS). Every reboot it reindexes. It might be an issue with the vault not being available (mounted) when Obsidian starts. When you say

it doesn’t seem to matter which drive I put the main vault on

did you try putting it on the internal/boot/same drive as Obsidian? I haven’t bothered to give that a try because the indexing issue is not annoying enough to warrant moving out of Box.

Didn’t try it on internal for the same reason you said, not too big of an annoyance.

It seems to be occasional now after I took pics out that were part of an Evernote import. Only been a few days since I did that and was busy with other things so will keep an eye out.

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