Obsidian Importer - Issues with Evernote

First time user here. I’ve been looking at options for getting away from Evernote for quite some time. Evernote is killing Evernote Legacy March 23 … so I have redoubled my efforts this week!

I looked at Obsidian a couple of years ago and the Evernote conversion seemed much too complex for a newbie like me! Not the same now!

I used the Obsidian Importer today to convert an ENEX file with 251 notes.

Here are my notes subsequent to that import:

  • 16 Notes had their modification date changed to the date and time of import
  • looked at Evernote and found that those with the modification date changed had modification dates that ranged from 2015.12.31 to 2022.01.17
  • 9 of them had a modification date of 2015.12.31
  • the modification date range in the original Evernote Stack was 2013.05.02 to 2024.03.10

Any ideas why the modification date and time changed? And, more importantly, is there any way to import an ENEX file without the modification date and time changing?

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What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

I just imported another Evernote Stack. This time, there were a dozen older notes whose modification date was changed to the import time.

Very frustrating when I sort my notes so that the most recently changed ones are at the top!

Still waiting for ideas on how to import without the modification date/time changing!

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@akos0215 I just tried YARLE for Windows. In my test ENEX file, all converted notes had their modification date and time changed to the date and time of import!

Here’s an example:

Is there a way to modify the YARLE for Windows config so that the modification date and time stays the same as it was in Evernote?

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