Obsidian Ignoring #Tags in Tag Property

What I’m trying to do

I’ve converted my Evernote notes with Yarle set to Obsidian “dialect”. The Tags from Evernote are listed in the md files with a leading #. Obsidian does not seem to recognize these as tags within the tag property; it seems to be looking for a leading dash (or maybe nothing). On the other hand, Obsidian is finding other words in the body of the note with a leading # and treating those as tags. I’d like to utilize the origninal tags from Evernote as tags within Obsidian - meaning use them in the Search by tag feature.

I know there are other topics in this general area, but none exactly stating what I’m seeing - at least as far as I can tell. Apologies if I’m missing something.

Things I have tried

I’ve changed the “Properties in Document” to ‘source’ - in which case the tag shows up so I can see it. However, Obsidian still doesn’t treat it as a tag - ie, showing in the list of my tags when using the tag search feature. On the default setting ‘Visible’ Obsidian shows the Tag property to be ‘empty’.

Thanks in advance!

Could you show some examples of how your source text looks like. It’s hard to tell what’s happening when we don’t see what you’ve written.

Sure thanks.
First is an image of the md file created by Yarle from my Evernote note
Then image of note as it shows in Obsidian with Property setting ‘Visible’
Then image of note as it shows in Obsidian with Property setting ‘Sourec’
then image showing the Search by Tag window showing no notes with the tag
md file


It seems like you need to do Tags: "#research" or Tags: research for it to be recognised as a tag within the properties. As can be seen in your images it says Tags are empty, since it didn’t recognise it as tags. When it’s not recognised, you can’t search for it either.

See also Property format in Obsidian help, and note that it’s required with a space after the colon. And Tags where it says that you need the hash in the text to declare a tag, but it’s not needed in the properties. I think a bare # in the properties according to yaml is a comment…

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Thank you. I agree with all that - that’s the problem. I’m guessing the cause is what you’ve said about yaml regarding what follows # in the properties to be a comment. The issue for me, and I would think others, is that I don’t control the md output. Yarle does. And it’s recommended by Obsidian as the best tool to convert from Evernote.

I’ve not used yarle, but it seems that you can possibly change the templates a little? I wonder can you change it enough, so that it produces valid output for the more recent versions of Obsidian? Not sure, but it could be the road you need to take.

Alternatively, you need to get some other script to do a search and replace on the output files from yarle, so that they’re ready for use by Obsidian.

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Posting the somewhat embarrassing solution in case someone else also runs into this.

YARLE has a setting that by default inserts a # in front of the tag name. I didn’t see this, as the configuration settings require you to scroll down to see them all and I just didn’t notice that. I changed the # setting to “no” and the output md files now work with Obsidian.

Now to decide if I want to go through the pain of converting several hundred Evernote notes again…


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