.obsidian\icons folder is not syncing using Obsidian Sync

Plugins using SVG icons from .obsidian\icons folder are not working properly because this folder is not included when syncing with Obsidian Sync.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create new vault using Obsidian Sync
  • Check all options regarding syncing (“sync all”)
  • Install Iconize
  • Add an icon pack, for example “Lucide”
  • This will download lucide-icons.zip into .obsidian\icons
  • Add an icon to a note or folder lets say “Calendar Days”
  • This will create .obsidian\icons\lucide-icons subfolder with CalendarDays.svg inside
  • Open Obsidian on other device
  • Instead of icon - there will be an error “Seems like you do not have an icon pack installed (LiCalendarDays”

Expected result

All files and subfolders in .obsidian\icons must be in sync.

Actual result

.obsidian\icons folder is not included when syncing with Obsidian Sync.

For plugins problems, you need to reach out to the plugin developer first. If there is a problem, they file a bug report to us. Moved to help in the meantime.

This is not related to this specific plugin. It was just an example.
An add-on service Obsidian Sync is not syncing files in .obsidian\icons.

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@WhiteNoise I have read this thread, it is related, but it’s not the issue.

When I pay for an add-on syncing service it should be me to decide, whether I like to keep some folder in sync or not. In my opinion Obsidian Sync in not working as it should.

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Ok, let me recap the situation.
Originally, that plugin placed the icons in a location that is handled by Obsidian Sync. The way that plugin manages icons (a massive number of small files) caused ob sync and non-ob sync users to have problems synchronizing.
The developer was asked to remedy the problem and they currently decided to move the icons in a place that is not synced by Obsidian Sync. The developer is exploring other options.

If you have any further questions, send an email to [email protected] and add a link to this thread. Thanks!

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