Obsidian helper (render) thread over 100% cpu constantly when new edit mode turned on

recently, I have been fighting with the typing lag in obsidian. I looked into the activity monitor, and found two thread constantly took up over 100% cpu time, one is obsidian helper (renderer), the other is window server.

I tried many things, like turn on the safe mode, close some other apps. Yesterday, I just realized that new edit mode that just released might be the reason.

Indeed, when I restored to the older version of editor, the typing lag was gone.

However the new edit mode is very straightforward and useful, I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Thanks guys, obsidian is great!

What Iā€™m trying to do

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well, I was wrong about the editor.
Today when I tried to type a memo with older version of editor, the Obsidian helper (renderer) thread still took over 100% of cpu.
This question may be too complicated. :hot_face:

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