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Hello guys!
I have been testing Obsidian for few months and I really like it. I am still learning how to use it and what is the best approach to store the notes for me. I like the graph view very much, but I cannot get much of it. I read on this forum, that at the moment is not very handy, so I am looking forward to see any new features/plugins related.

However, I saw many nice graph pics online and I would like to have a nice one as well (it is a bit addictive to see the graph when new notes are added :wink: ). Is there any recommended way to make the graph view a little more transparent? or should I have some special notes-structure? At the moment, I have got something like the one attached.

Thank you for any help with that!

If I understood your question correctly, you want to be able to view your note and the graph simultaneously? You can open the Graph window (with the icon at the right of the screen), and split it (with the menu at the top right of the panel). Pin one, and open your note.

If this is not what you meant, can you please give some clarification?

It is not what I meant, but sorry for not being more descriptive. By ‘transparent’ I mean that some graphs looks more organised and clustered. Mine is a total mess and it is hard to see the connections because the links are overlaping. Please see the links below, these graphs are something that looks more organised to me.

So, I guess my graph is a bit messy because the structure of the files/backlinks is different. This is actually what I want to know - what kind of notes-taking approach would allow me to obtain more clustered graphs.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@spolanski Personally I don’t believe you should optimize your note-taking style to the graph – the graph is simply a reflection of what your connections look like.

Your graph actually looks very good to me, so I imagine people might tend to view their own graph as a mess. It’s a beautiful mess nonetheless, and it’s your beautiful mess!


You can drag nodes around to reorganize them, and connected nodes will follow them. Just tinker around a bit until you find the structure that suits you!

However, if you reopen graph view, the structure is reset, so you may want to keep your graph view open at all times, by pinning it.

And for the note-taking approach, the graph is supposed to represent the connections between topics. I usually have a table of contents note connecting to all other notes of that topic, and in the case of mathematical proofs, I usually link notes that my proof uses.