Obsidian graph view as Community plugin


I am very grateful that developers create such a nice program but for a long time all requests asking to allow users to manipulate graph in different way are ignored for some reasons. By “manipulate graph” I mean allow static graph, filter nodes, etc.

I saw some topics that users are willing to spend their money for this features. I also am willing to hire developers and to create requested features. What I don’t to do is to reinvent the wheel.

That’s why I want to ask authors of Obsidian to consider possibility to open the code for “graph view”. It can be done in a form of Community plugin. Git can be created, source code can be published and everyone or a team of users can develop this feature. I think it is win-win case. Owners of Obsidian will keep main code and use their time to develop what they think is more important. Community will develop the feature which is on big demand and it will attract more users.

Please comment on this topic or like it if you agree with me.


You might want to try the Juggl plugin:

I did but there are some limitations:

Juggl is not designed for larger vaults, and opening the global graph will very likely freeze Obsidian! This functionality is only provided as a convenience option for smaller vaults (like the one you’re looking at).

That’s why I asked to open Obsidian graph view which has no such limitation.

I second @AlexR’s request. Specially customizations for the “local graph”.