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I am currently switching form Windows (win10) to Linux (ZorinOS). It looks good and I like it but I have a problem :slight_smile:
I have my Obsidian Folder on Google Drive in the folder /apps. I can access this folder when I use the file browser. If I open Obsidian and try to open the vault from the Obsidian menu, it opens a file browser, but this file browser does not contain the entry for Google drive.

I have checked this behaviour with Softmaker and Libreoffice. When I try to open from within the application a file that is being hosted on Google drive, it opens the file browser and I can access the files and folders on Google Drive. It only does not work with Obsidian (and btw, LogSeq).

Do I need to configure a special access or so? I know this looks like a User/Linux issue, but as it only affects Obsidian (and LogSeq), I dare to raise the question here, hoping, that we have here some Linux dudes, who can help :slight_smile:

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What I’m trying to do

Thanks, I read this article but it does not clarify, why selecting files or folders does not work in Obsidian but in all other installed applications.

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I think if Obsidian is opening the system file browser, than gdrive would need to be “mounted” to show up. That is why that article is relevant.

Dropbox and pcloud have Linux clients. Use one of those unless there is another reason to use google cloud storage.

Looking at ZorinOS, I think it uses gnome files, so you could try to install gnome online accounts and set that up. Not a big deal if you already have gnome dependencies on your system.

This is only happening with markdown files, so I still wonder if it gdrive support of .md files that they are not showing up.
Leaving this down here.
It might be the file type. I did a quick search. Looks like you need to enable markdown file support.

Peter, for obsidian to work you need a synchronization service where the files are really present on your drive not just virtually present.


If you’d really like to stick with Google Drive then check out an application called rclone. With rclone it’s easy to mount Google Drive (or any of 35 other cloud storage providers) into your local filesystem. I did a brief test and this seems to work OK.

sudo apt install rclone rclone-browser

The configuration can be a intimidating but, in my experience, the defaults work well for most providers. You’ll want to create a Google Drive “provider” in the configuration and then mount the desired Google Drive folder into your local file system. Once mounted you can tell Obsidian to use that folder, or a sub-folder, for your vault.

This gave me the right hint. I understand how Google Drive works but had that not on my radar when I switched from Windows to Linux. I have now reactivated my old pcloud account, installed it and it works like a charm.

Thanks for helping me thinking, guys .-)

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