Obsidian goes to blank page (about:blank) when clicking a non-valid URL in mermaid

Steps to reproduce

Place the follow mermaid diagram into a note:

graph LR
A --> B 
click B "Any text that isn't a valid URL"

Click on node B in the diagram.

Expected result

I was trying to link to a note in the vault inside a mermaid diagram when I discovered this, but I was really just playing around - I wasn’t actually expecting the linking to work.

Actual result

Obsidian goes to a blank page - Cmd + Left Arrow takes you back to the previous view.


  • Operating system: Mac OSX 11.0.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.20 / installer version 0.9.17 (prior installer version causes a crash, rather than about:blank

Additional information

Has been a previous bug on this:

not really a hard crash. If you go back, it goes back.

Addendum: if the click text has a leading / then Obsidian doesn’t crash. So for…

graph LR
click B "/text here"

… clicking on B does nothing.

It goes to about:blank

Interesting, that’s definitely not what’s happening for me:

Have attached the crash log as a text file in case it’s helpful. Using Chrome 87.0.4280.67 if that’s relevant.

obsidian-crash-mermaid.zip (30.2 KB)

chrome 87?
Ok but what is your obsidian installer version?

Obsidian installer version is 0.8.15. And yep, Chrome 87.

Just tried setting the default browser to Safari to see if that made a difference: nope, just switches to Safari but Obsidian still crashes out.

The browser is not the problem.
Can you download and install obsidian from the latest available installer on the website?
After you do this, let me know if it still crashes

Done, installer version 0.9.17 and Obsidian version is 0.9.20. Now when I click on the mermaid diagram, Obsidian goes to a blank window, completely unresponsive:

(isn’t that a useful screenshot). No shortcut keys work, none of the menu commands either.

can you go back with mouse, or a keyboard shortcut?

No, nothing is responsive including the “back” keyboard shortcut. Shortcut works prior to clicking on the diagram, doesn’t work afterwards.

what happens if you do cmd-opt-i ?

Ooh, good question: why didn’t I think of that? :slight_smile: Doc with completely empty body.

ok, you are not crashed or unresponsive, you just on the page: about:blank

Command + Left-Arrow should bring you to previous view.

Yeah, after the installer update :+1:Have updated the original post to reflect this.

Correct, it does. Shortcut key is defined as Cmd+Opt+Left Arrow for the vault though?

(I’m using the help vault for this testing, fyi as my main vault has lots of plugins/theme tweaks)

because in that page, you are using the default chrome shoutcuts

Ah, don’t feel quite so silly then, thanks.

I totally understand that from the user POV, this feel pretty catastrophic.