[Obsidian Git] Sync on your ios without any extra app

I believe that this might be the easiest way to backup IOS with only Obsidian Git plugin.
:exclamation: You don’t need to download any extra app on your devices.

  • Sync repo
    • Use https: protocol to clone the git repo
    • Compress your repo and send it to your iphone (Air Drop or other ways)
    • Open Obsidian on iphone, and create a vault with the same name as your repo, e.g. repoA
    • Uncompress your repo on iphone and copy the whole folder, e.g. repoA
    • Go to the path on my iphone -> Obsidian, you will see that the repoA is here. Now, paste your repo here, and choose Replace to all
  • Config Git Auth
    • Install and Enable the Obsidian Git plugin
    • Go to github (I recommend you to use Personal access tokens, since the Password will fail sometimes)
    • Setting -> Developersetting -> Tokens (classic) -> generate new token
    • :exclamation:Please copy and store your token somewhere, cause it only shows once.
    • Paste your Personal access tokens to the Obsidian Git Setting-> Commit Author -> password/personal access tokens
  • Done, enjoy your free sync with git :tada:
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Hi Adamma, thank you very much for your sharing. But Idk if I missed something or not, it doesn’t work on my iPhone. I think I followed all the steps except for the first one ( * Use https: protocol to clone the git repo). Also, idk if what scope I should choose when creating PAT (classic). Could you kindly help me? Thank you again!

Every time the phone pushes it completely overrides everything I had in the .obsidian folder. How do I prevent that? I was hoping this would move over my themes/css and plug-ins too.

Probably need a .gitignore file, but I haven’t walked through that. I am not sure which files you would want to protect locally …

this works, thanks very much, compare to the method with an third app such us ish or working copy or a shell, this is much simple.