Obsidian Git Plugin stopped working

I am a newbie obsidianer. I setup the Obsidian Github plugin. I also setup the Git and Github desktop. My files are sitting in one drive. Everything was working fine. Suddenly it stopped. The plugin doesnt give any error. I can see the notifications like 3commits etc. But onedrive sync started to post a notification which states file FETCH Head file couldnt be merged and a new file was formed (see attached image). There’s a another file named FETCH Head with a longer file name.

How can I correct this? Any help much appreciated.

What I’m trying to do


Using multiple automatic sync services at the same time can lead to race conditions and other weirdness, so that might be the culprit here.

Hard to know exactly what the fix is without more information, though. What is the problem, besides the error you’re seeing?

Well github doesnt update. So sync isnt working actually

You may want to ask on the plugin’s GitHub page: Issues · denolehov/obsidian-git · GitHub

The developer of the Git plugin may not respond here.

Thanks will do

Couple of things first of which is you don’t want to store git repositories in a cloud storage system like One Drive (which I think is the point that Ryan was making). Secondly, I’ve had lots of problems with One Drive syncing things properly if you’re trying to actually maintain an Obsidian vault via more than one machine. Lots of corruption of the configuration and messing with files.

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