Obsidian Git Plugin...stages, but doesn't commit or push to GitHub

I am trying to get the Obsidian Git plugin to work on windows 10.

So far, I have…

  1. set up a remote repo on GitHub,
  2. set up a local repo in my vault folder,
  3. linked the two, using SSH,
  4. and added the SSH key to the ssh-agent.
  5. download and enable Obsidian Git.

The Problem: Obsidian Git doesn’t seem to be able to commit or push changes.
From the command line, I can easily stage, commit and push to Github.

After Obsidian Git is set to sync, I can see that changes have been staged, but not committed (see pic below: red line was before scheduled sync, green line after).

Any ideas why this is happening / how to fix it?


Is there any message in the console? (Ctrl+ Shift+ i)

Hi Vinadon,

I just tried again, using the commit and push manual command out of Obsidian (following ctrl+p). Here’s the output from the dev console:

Cross-checking in git-bash, it seems that the changes were committed successfully.

No changes were pushed to Github though…(last registered commit on remote is 13h ago).

Sorry for the late answer. I didn’t get a notification. Can you please update to the latest version? Does the commit part work now? If pushing is not working, check if you have enabled pushing in the plugin settings.