Obsidian Git plugin on Windows: Permission denied when pushing to GitHub

Hi, I’m using Obsidian Git on Windows and getting a permission error when I push, as follows:

Permission denied (publickey) Fatal: Could not read from remote repository

  • I can commit and push in Git Bash and I have both set up SSH authentication and added it to GitHub by following the official docs.

  • I do need to enter my passphrase every time I push and wasn’t sure if Obsidian Git needed me to fix that in Git since it has no UI setting for authentication. So I did the following:

    • Manually added my public key to the ssh-agent by doing ssh-add /c/Users/ME/.ssh/id_ed25519. That was the default location, but I figured I’d be sure.
    • Using the instructions here, set my ssh-agent to start automatically. That didn’t work, it doesn’t start when I open Git Bash.
    • I tried starting it manually with eval $(ssh-agent -s) and then pushing, but that also didn’t work. Git Bash still asks me for my password even though the agent has my key. And, I’m not even sure if fixing this would solve my problem anyway.

I’m pretty new to Git and not sure what to try next. The official docs for authentication in Obsidian Git seem to say that as long as the Git Credential Helper is running (it is) a dialog will appear where I can enter my password. It doesn’t.

Thanks for any help!

This is resolved. Obsidian Git doesn’t support SSH on Windows.

That’s not in the documentation, so leaving this here to help future searchers.

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