Obsidian git error message

hey everyone,

I installed obsidian git for some time now and this error message keeps popping up


I followed a tutorial for setting up obsidian git and I’m not that familiar with github still. If any one could explain why this error occurs, I would highly appreciate it.

thanks in advance

Hey, thanks for replying.

I checked the link you posted and I still have trouble understanding how I can resolve my issue. The information there was a bit unclear to me since I’m not that used to github.

Would it be possible to help me understand how I can fix my issue?

Thank you in advance for your help!

When you are using git, you are responsible for maintaining your own data, which means you need to look out for mistakes, e.g. anything to do with moving files around including your .git folder.
I cannot know what has happened. What you can do is:

  1. copy all your markdown files to another location (to have a backup of your uncommitted changes);
  2. safest bet/easiest to do (especially when you don’t know git commands and what they do) is delete everything locally and clone from server;
  3. move files with possible updates (uncommitted changes) back to your repository (vault).
  • Step 2 is answer 3 in the link given.
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