Obsidian Git doesn't find repository on GitHub but it's there

So what I’ve done is, I created a new GitHub and did create a new Repository. I moved all my filed except the .git and the .gitattributes into the new repository and then I saw that the file changes can be seen in github desktop and I can just push them to github via the app, but it doesn’t work automatically because in Obsidian the git plugin says it cannot find the repository on GitHub, but when I look it up the link is exactly the same that it’s supposed to be.

Any ideas why that may be? Thanks a lot.

Are you using SSH? If you are, keep in mind Obsidian can’t/doesn’t ask for your key password, so if you use a password it can’t use that key to access Github. If this is the issue, you can fix it by removing the password from the SSH key. Some people will tell you this is less secure, because anyone that gets access to your private key could access your account, but if they have compromised your workstation, then a password on the key isn’t going to help because they would likely be logging all keystrokes.

To my knowledge Obsidian Git doesn’t work through the SSH protocol.
In your config fle, change it to https and delete information about keys. Then it should work.

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