Obsidian Gets stuck on "Loading Cache" when I try to start obsidian after removing some files

Steps to reproduce

  • remove a series of files from your vault outside the program
  • (The files are a series of mp4, markdown, image files, and pdfs)
  • try to open your vault again
  • get stuck at loading

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide?

I can’t access the sandbox vault considering whenever I open obsidian it tries to open my main vault, I can’t access any other vault. I’m sorry.

Expected result

I expect to be able to load my vault without it freezing at it loading cache.

Actual result

it freezes at loading cache.


I can’t access the debug info, I don’t have access to the command palette since obsidian can’t load. I’m sorry.

Additional information

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting cache, putting the files back in (At least the ones I remember removing. I don’t remember what files I removed exactly, other than they were all made by me)

You could still mention potentially helpful info without the complete Debug info :innocent: :

  • What device do you use ?
  • What’s the operating system of said device ?
  • Where is problematic vault located ?
    • Is it a local vault on your device ?
    • Is it sitting in a cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud … ?)
  • Do you use plugins ?
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I use windows 10, I use a hp laptop. The problematic vault is located in ‘C:\Users\username\Documents\obsidian\Obsidian1’ (Obsidian1 being my obsidian vault. the name is because it was my first vault so. Obsidian 1.) The plugins I have installed (I don’t know which are inactive/active):

  • auto-moc
  • auto-template-trigger
  • calendar
  • commander
  • daily activity
  • journal review
  • media extended
  • natural language dates
  • importer
  • timestamper
  • vault changelog
  • zotero
  • recent files
  • setting search
  • telegram sync

update: it’s also freezes sometimes at “loading vault…”

You could try this: with Obsidian closed, move or rename the .obsidian/community-plugins.json file. This will disable all your community plugins but not remove them.

If Obsidian opens fine after that, update all your community plugins, then slowly enable them one by one (with restarts in between) to see if the issue returns.

obsidian didn’t open after that

I was afk and I had obsidian open at the frozen thing as I’ve been testing it occasonally to see if it changes for whatever reason. I came back and it was open. It took about anywhere from 2-10 hours to open. but it opened. so the issue is I haven’t been waiting enough for obsidian to open. it is now frozen on loading cache again, so I presume I have to wait another 2-10 hours. I am pretty sure there is still a bug, but what the bug is in particular has changed. The bug is now: Obsidian takes 2-10 hours to load after getting frozen at “Loading Cache”.

okay after a few times browsing these forums for other posts that could be related and testing various things myself I say that because of [[Is there supposed to be a cache file - #4 by ariehen]] I figured out it was an issue with IndexedDB in Appdata. It does index my vault every time I open it from my tests so far but that could just be because I had files from my obsidian folder open in notepad. Thank you so much for your replies-everyone on here and reddit (I did post about this on reddit aswell). I’m glad this issue is resolved.

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