Obsidian Gems of the Year 2021 nomination - Themes

+1 for Yin and Yang theme!

What @Chetachi has built is nothing short of brilliant. From scratch, she’s created one of the most beloved themes in the community. Yin and Yang was my theme of choice before making my own, and I leaned heavily on her work (namely Y&Y’s awesome custom icons).

The love and sweat evident in the theme’s robust design, from supporting all kinds of customization to the uncompromising level of detail that makes the app feel so native, make it one of if not the best theme available. I particularly enjoy using it on mobile, where the UI/UX design choices really come into focus. Y&Y made opening Obisidian on my phone each day to jot quick notes and tasks a blast and it deserves a nomination, if at the very least for Chatachi’s warm passion and willingness to help those in the community. She’s become someone I consider a friend and is always there to offer help.

:clinking_glasses: to nominating Chetachi and her Yin and Yang theme!


Thanks for all your nominations! We’ll compile all the results into a voting post soon :heart: