Obsidian-frontmatter-modified-date: List of modified dates and times

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A window popped up in the Obsidian Forum panel to the right of this messaging system as I started to reply and it said I could send a private message. So, I clicked on it, but I have no idea where this reply will go.

The following is the template I inserted into a new test note:


The following is the result in reading view:


It’s overwriting the Date Modified, rather than generating a list.

Now, the append_modified_update has a — sign.


I did what you suggested, but it doesn’t show a “purple tick”.

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Click the minus sign to turn it into a tick.

Who knew it would start a whole new thread! This isn’t a private message at all!

I hope that some other technology-challenged person like me knows that this digital conversation was continued somewhere else.

WOW! I just clicked on the minus sign and it turned into a purple checkmark. Now, I know what a “purple tick” is and how to generate it.

I also entered another test sentence and now it shows a list in the Date Modified field:

In my main Obsidian vault, I have the {{date}} value as LLLL. I learned how to do this when I first started using Obsidian back in early 2021:

For this test of your plugin (in an Obsidian test vault), I’ve used the Obsidian default Date Format in the “Template” settings.

  1. Will I need to change the Date Format back to the Obsidian default (in my main Obsidian vault) in order for your plugin to work correctly?

  2. If I do need to change my main Obsidian vault Date Format back to the default, will it affect any previous notes that had the {{date}} value inserted, or will only the new {{date}} inserts be affected?

You don’t need to change anything, those dates and date formats are not connected in any way.

The placement of this thread continuation was confusing. Moved out of Share/Showcase.

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AlanG, good to know. Thanks for your help!

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