Obsidian freezing, disappearing folders

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What I’m trying to do

Issue 1: I have my folders structured using the Johnny Decimal system. My first folder is 00 - INBOX with 5 folders beneath that. Next level is 10 - Interests. At times when starting up Obsidian, the first folder showing is 10, not 00. I have to force a reload to get the 00 to appear.

Issue 2: I am finding my Daily note is freezing the program when it loads. I have 4 dataview tables in it. Two of them link to Toggl, one is for weekly time and the other for Daily. Then I have two tables for Files created today and Files Modified today.

Things I have tried

Issue 1: Just forcing the reload from the top left Obsidian icon. I have also tried resetting the workspace, but to no avail.

Issue 2: I took the Dataview table for Toggl timesheets out for the Daily view. Weekly view rendering without issue. The Daily view was where it stopped loading before. Now the Daily note is loading down as far as “What Happened Today” and then locks. Cannot access any other notes or do anything in Obsidian until it has resolved whatever its issue is. I have also tried disabling sync, but that didn’t help either.

Searched for slow loading, locking app, but nothing similar that I could see.

For issue 1

Make sure your folder paths (on disk - check with your file manager, not with Obsidian) don’t contain some special characters, like "/ : ! * " just use simple alphanumeric characters for folder names

For issue 2

Try to improve your dataview code, bc if your query isn’t defined very well, dataview might look everywhere , for everything - this inevitably will freeze and lock Obsidian. Since i use dataview only occasionally, i suggest you to ask under Help for “dataview”

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Many thanks for your time in replying.

File structure all good and consistent across all folders.

Problem still occurs with Dataview switched off, Toggl switched off and Tasks switched off. These are the only plugins that are making calls on the database. The mystery remains.


Issue 1

I know just one or two plugins altering Obsidians folder tree structure, this usually is configurable in their options; might be your Obsidian theme is causing this issue. Also, about your theme, is it up to date if you use one ?

Did you try with a new vault / sandbox vault ? You can find the latter on top menu bar, under help (mac at least)


I found the problem. It was the Smart Connections community plugin causing the freeze. That’s one issue out of the way and it may have been causing the other. I will continue to test and see if it recurs.

I have reported the issue with the Daily Note to the developer of Smart Connections.


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