Obsidian Freezes with $-$ in note

Steps to reproduce

Create a new note. Type $10-$1 or any numbers. Click “Preview”.

Expected result

I expected the note to load in preview.

Actual result

The app froze and I had to force restart.


  • Operating system: Mac OSX Mojave
  • Obsidian version: 074 (Latest as of July 4th, 2020)

Additional information

Summary: I had a note that contained some basic math/numbers ($8-$12) and it caused the app to freeze and crashed. I thought there might be some bad formatting of the note so I copy and pasted each section and tested it until I finally found the $ was causing the issue.

You can see that linking to the note then trying to navigate to the note through a link causes the app to freeze completely.

I’ve updated the note to just use a single $ instead of $-$ and there are no issues, but it would be helpful to highlight formatting causing issues instead of the app freezing and needing to force quit.

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Just tried it. Same thing happened on my end. Windows User.

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Fixed in 0.7.6

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Where do I download this version? I just contributed today but didn’t get any download links

0.7.6 is public now. you can download it from the website

For insiders builds, There are no download links, just login in the app and enable insider builds.