Obsidian freezes by open an attachment

Hello obsidian Team,
i hope someone have a solution for me?

obsidian freezes when clicking on a Attachment file (Type: .png, .jpg, .pdf) in the obsidian file explorer.
This problem only exists on the MAC Mini M1.
When I look in the activity indicators in MAC OS, the “Obsidian Helper (Renderer)” goes up to 100% CPU usage when I click on a jpg or png or pdf - file in the obsidian file explorer.
Everything works fine on both the iphone and the ipad. The display of the files in the respective notes in which they are stored also works perfectly.

Obsidian Version: 0.13.23
mac OS Monterey 12.2.

Download and reinstall obsidian. post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault.

Wow- unbelievable. Thank you very much for the quick answer. Do I have to uninstall the existing installation first? I didn’t want to do that, because otherwise I would have to reinstall and set up all the plug-ins.

no you don’t have to uninstall.

that´s great. Now i install it again and test ist. Thank´s a lot.

OK. Unfortunately, the problem is not solved. I have loaded a screen recording into the help vault.

and i tested the same in the help vault. there is all okay! it´s only in my vault!

maybe some of your plugins are creating problems.

Also where is your vault stored? Are you using sync/cloud storage?

Yes, maybe. To test it, I have now copied my entire vault to a new vault in my local storage. No plugins installed and all is well. I will continue to test it and reinstall each plugin individually. Then I’ll see if that’s the problem. Until now, I had my entire vault in the icloud. That’s why I was able to use it on ipad and iphone. Everything runs perfectly there.

Yes, I have found the problem candidate: it is the plug-in: “Autocomplete” from “Yeboster”. I uninstalled it and the problem was solved! Thanks again for your help!!!

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