Obsidian for teaching - digitalising paper notebooks


i am currently restructuring my teaching resources and stumbled across Obsidian. I already did some basic stuff but didn’t realy find an answer to my question.
I want to use Obsidian to organise my material for teaching, to give my students a plattform were they can find all the task for the day, all necessary material for exams and that the students can upload all their results.
This would mean that i need a generel overwiew of all my resources, which I already created but also a structure only the students can acess. The generel idea would be that the students access the to-do/Kanban side see the tasks for the day, do them and then upload their results in a folder belonging only to them. Here i can see what they did, comment their on their work.
I have currently used OneNote but the students struggeld with all the seperate pages, just seeing them was already to much. So the idea would be having something like a homepage with the subjects and to do’s which would bring them straight to what they are looking for.

Would something like that be possible in Obsidian and if yes could you point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance

I’m relatively new to Obsidian, so I will certainly defer to others about Obsidian’s capabilities. Still, with a dozen years running a paperless classroom, I’ll say this path doesn’t look likely to succeed.

Mainly because Obsidian is not a collaboration tool. If a classroom OneNote didn’t work for your students, I doubt the management of nested folders and permissions is going to bode well. Keep in mind that there’s an Obsidian learning curve even for motivated productivity enthusiasts.

That being said modeling the effective use of an organization tool like Obsidian and having your students create and manage their own as part of your classroom procedures makes perfect sense.

I imagine you building the example that they follow every day is going to be more successful than them jumping into an elaborate set up that you’ve built.

As far as collecting their work, does your school have an LMS? Perhaps they could submit a markdown file as an assignment?

Just my two cents, best of luck implementing this!


Use moodle.

(Trust me - I’m a teacher.)

Probably the closest thing built in is the collaboration system of the Obsidian Publish service, which sounds like it doesn’t quite fit your needs. Collaborating - Obsidian Help

Otherwise Obsidian doesn’t have any kind of permissions system built in and by itself probably isn’t the right tool for this. You could perhaps use Publish (or a substitute) for the Kanban side of things and set up something else for the students to upload to. Putting the vault in Dropbox might enable the right set of features.

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