Obsidian for mathematics

I’ve been migrating my math notes from latex to obsidian. It’s so nice to have links, but I really miss the proposition and equation numbering in latex.

Is it possible to create a “proposition” environment, like in latex, and add numbering of equations and theorems in markdown? This is especially useful when there are so many propositions and lemmas to be listed before a big proof.

Currently, I just list the propositions in plain text. For important theorems, I enclose them with horizontal lines in markdown. How do you write mathematics in obsidian?

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There is an open request for numbering. Unfortunately the way Obs works and the way mathjax works are not compatible for numbering.

For envirometents, nothing using the same syntax as in latex. You could try the admonition plugin, if you want something to stand out.

For equation numbering, a workaround is provided here:

For Propositions, etc, I prefer using quote in Obsidian to give them different look, combined with the bold font.

Observation 1: quote will add a frame around the text and make them looks special and different from the other text.

Based on Observation 1, I propose to use quote to mark the important block of text.


Yes, to be more specific automatic equation numbering is not supported.

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