Obsidian for Hackish Team KM

Wanted to share how I’m trying to use Obsidian within my team, and canvas the forum for any other suggestions. It basically revolves around a few points

A single source of truth

  • A syncing solution is needed. We’re cheap, so are using Remotely Save and Dropbox.
  • Have to also agree on protocols, like you must save / update before logging off

Promote situational awareness

  • Used Dataview and maybe query in the future to auto-generate Summary notes that team members check out under the starred folder when they log on (the default view of last modified note is too messy)

A common taxonomy of mandatory links and tags (while allowing optional tags too)

  • Some structure is needed so everyone can rely on it. But the mandatory tags are only of objective things. The team can add their own optional tags for subjective or motile issues.

Differentiated roles

  • A fact-finder, Narrator and Info manager
  • Makes it clear who does what, and also allows a differentiated plug-in strategy for each role.

Note, we still can’t get away from some shortcomings - like not knowing who has created / modified which note, but I think we can avoid too many of such issues in a small team.

A fuller write-up with pics here


Just an idea but why not use GitHub or GitLabs with a private project ?

If you are using a private project, you can share and give permissions to every user to commit the changes or set up that someone needs to review the changes made.

This way you can see who made the changes and ignore the obsidian, theme and config’s files so every member can customize shortcuts and appearance as they like

EDIT: You can use the desktop app to make the pull requests without having to use the command line

Thanks I’ll have to look at that! Not as familiar with GitHub even though I see it all the time :slight_smile: