Obsidian for Conlanging and world building

Hey all,

I’m not a fiction writer, rather a linguist. I’m just getting into conlangs, so I don’t need a heavy duty system or keeping track of lots of worlds etc - more templates for things to keep in mind, and linking the conlang I’m tinkering with as I learn principles to those principles. Anyone else here a Conlanger or maybe fiction writer focused on the worldbuilding aspect rather than writing itself in Obsidian?

I know @EleanorKonik does LOTS of worldbuilding - Eleanor, would be interested in your take on a sort of beginner version, core setups or info you think would be useful for someone just playing around and starting out.

:thinking: I don’t do a lot of conlang, I mostly just slap down lists of things I need to remember, but I’ll check in with the TTRPG and Creative folks in Discord and see if anybody has any insight.

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Hello! I’m actually (slowly, my bad) working on a whole bunch of templates for people into worldbuilding.

I’m not especially good at languages, however I did make it a priority to convert the Swadesh Lists I used previously on another platform for you. You can find/download that here if it’s of interest.

The main page of the git for my endeavours is here if you wish to look but it’s not as populated as I would like as I over-think and over-research what I think should be on tech template since updating a template on a populated page isn’t as simple as getting a (mostly) complete one from the start.

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