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Hey guys, i foudn out about obsidian a month and started using it for my college work. It has been amazing so far. But one problem i have been having is with displaying organic chemical strucutres. Mathjax is really useful to equations and formulaes but don’t think it can display structures.

Things I have tried

One workaround is to use another software to draw the structures and insert a pdf into obsidian but it would be amazing if i could do this in obsidian itself

Possible Solution

While looking around I saw this markdown fomrat which used SMILES to display the diagrams. Is it possible to do something similar in obsidian.

P.S I am new here, If this is not the right place to ask this quesiton, i will gladly move it.

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For what I know those diagrams are not possible in Mathjax and therefore not in Obsidian, but maybe I’m wrong. But what is possible is this:


	\ce{CO2 + C -> 2 CO}

	\ce{Zn^2+  <=>[+ 2OH-][+ 2H+]  $\underset{\text{amphoteres Hydroxid}}{\ce{Zn(OH)2 v}}$  <=>[+ 2OH-][+ 2H+]  $\underset{\text{Hydroxozikat}}{\ce{[Zn(OH)4]^2-}}$}

You only have to do the \require{mhchem} once when using Obsidian, on startup. So if you always start obsidian on a ceratin start/home page you could do it there.

(Mathpix is indeed an awesome tool)

Check out the exciladraw plugin

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