Obsidian for a high school student

Hi all! I’m currently setting up obsidian to use as a note-taking/knowledge management system for my high school studies, and would like some feedback on my planned folder structure:

  • brain (contains ‘finished’ notes, probably atomic)
  • raw notes (notes taken in class)
    • Year 9
      • Commerce
      • Modern history, etc
    • Archive
      • Year 8
      • Year 7
    • Misc
  • Daily notes
  • attachments

I plan to use daily notes to link what raw notes I made that day, which in turn links to those concepts ‘atomised’ in the brain folder. I’d just like to know if anyone had any suggestions, or tips on how to take notes best for high school. Thanks!

It’s really great you’re looking into PKM for high school studies. I did it successfully through university and one suggestion I can give is: minimize as much meaningless actions as possible, e.g. moving notes to their “proper folder” every time you create/finish them.

This would mean that instead of having folders for Commerce, Modern History, you could simply make MoCs (Maps of Content) for those subjects, i.e. a special kind of note where you link to and from atomized notes on a subject.

Hi ! I’m going to study in a French university and I find your advice very cool ! I think it can be a good solution to have several Mocs instead of folders, I’m going to try it !

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I also think it’s really cool you’re already interested in PKM!

My advice would be

  • Feel free to experiment, you’re probably not going to get the perfect system for you on first try. That’s okay.
  • Experiment with backlinks. Intead of having a folder hierarchy, try and make links to the relevant notes. For instance, I would have one note per class, say MAT101. Then, for each session of that class, I would make a new note (i.e. “Notes MAT101 2023-09-10”) and I would make sure I make a link to [[MAT101]] at the top.

That way, when you want to revise, you can go to the MAT101 note and look at the backlinks. All you course notes for MAT101 are there.

The advantage of this method is that you can do searches by class (like you would for a folder), but one “session note” can also belong to a class and a semester and a topic, etc.

Hope this helps.


T hanks for the tips! I watched all the videos in the LYT course (by @nickmilo) and I’ve started experimenting with making MOCs, and using the ACCESS model, and obsidian just keeps getting better! :slight_smile:

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