Obsidian folders will not open

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Steps to reproduce

I tried opening a page and none will open.

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Expected result

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Additional information

Can you not open a folder or a page as in a file?

Do you use Dataview and have a large vault? Use Omnisearch as well maybe? Wait for all activated plugins to finish indexing.

Thanks so much for responding! I do not use Dataview. I am able to find my notes but when I try to open them Obsidian simply will not open. I am able to pull up a blank page but thats it.

Post some screenshots, I am little lost.

I had this issue before. Try clearing your cache following the steps mentioned here:

If you are on Mac, navigate to the config folder (the location of which is found using search of the forum, I reckon) and you’ll find the same folders that you can delete.

Possible solution if it describes the problem you’re having: