Obsidian folder not showing up in icloud on windows

Things I have tried

  1. Checking for windows updates
  2. checking for icloud updates
  3. signing out / in of icloud
  4. Adding empty vaults on mobile
  5. Adding other files / folders
  6. deleting / reinstalling obsidian mobile

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to sync my vaults from windows to iphone through icloud but I can’t get the obsidian folder to show up in my icloud on windows, it only shows up on my iphone.

Other folders sync just fine. I’ve added random files / folders and they instantly sync. I’ve also tried moving my vault from windows into icloud, which works find. But when I then try moving the vault to the obsidian folder from icloud on my phone, the vault disappears from icloud on windows as it can’t find the obsidian folder the vault is now under.

After tons of trial and error I eventually managed to find the solution. All I had to do was install Obsidian on my mac as well and then the Obsidian folder just magically started showing up everywhere. So it seems, in order to be able to use icloud drive with app data, you need to have the apps on a mac computer as well as an iphone for them to be synced? Not sure, but this works

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