Obsidian folder missing/hidden on iOS

I am using Obsidian sync, and expect to find a folder named “Obsidian” under the section “On My iPad” in the Files app. However, it’s not there.

Obsidian works fine, all my files are synced, but the folder isn’t visible for some reason. Any idea how to fix this?

Note this works fine on my iPhone, so I’m not sure why the iPad behavior is different.

iPadOS 15.6.1
Obsidian 1.4.0 (80)

the file .obsidian should be hidden by defult in iOS. you might have "show hidden files"set on your iPhone.

I’m looking for the Obsidian folder. I did not ask about the .obsidian file.

There is no option to show hidden files in the Files app on iOS.

Maybe check the iCloud folder in case you took a wrong turn during setup? Seems unlikely, but :woman_shrugging:t2:

Turns out rebooting made it appear. Probably should have tried that first before posting here … :man_facepalming:t2:

Try restarting the iPad.

edit: too late lol